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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Senate passes giant land-acquisition trust fund


Letter from Al Ventoso published 31 March 2012

Those of us who have lived under communist tyranny are often struck by the similarities in approach of the Obama regime to enforce Marxist "solutions" by attacking First Amendment rights, as well as individual and property rights that used to be constitutionally protected.

Examples abound, not only in the tyrannical mandates of Obamacare, but in almost any legislation passed by the Senate and even sometimes the so-called conservative majority in Congress.

ventoso2012A recent example is the Senate vote doubling, to $700 million for each of the next two years, funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. There is no appropriation process for this money. It is a blank check for the Park Service, Forest Service and other agencies to take more land away from private hands. Meanwhile, we are drowning in debt.

Not surprisingly, Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., used his yes rubber stamp, while Sen. Marco Rubio, F-Fla., voted no.

Typically, there is no "willing seller" when the federal land confiscator knocks on the door. Reluctant landowners are often threatened with condemnation, with no option but to consent. As of 2008, the federal government owned 650 million acres of land, more than 1 million square miles — 30 percent of our total territory. Why more?

And the Supreme Court has endorsed the attack on property rights. The Kelo vs. City of New London decision from that court is an egregious example of contempt for individuals' property rights. This decision legalized the transference of land from one private owner, without his permission, to another in furtherance of "economic development."

The issue we face now and for future generations is whether or not we will overcome Obama's and his fellow Democrats' Marxist and collectivist impulses and re-establish the governing principles embodied in our Constitution.

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Ed. - We feature this letter from Alfonso Ventoso because it is an example of how we can advance the dialog about socialism and communism in our government, and about the apparent support that socialism receives from our elected “representatives.” Where is the caution that our fathers and grandfathers had about the dangers of socialism? Do you join the people in our country who believe that socialism is “inevitable?” Where does that leave our individual rights and our nation’s sovereignty? This is not a Democrat-Republican conflict. There are socialists supporters in both parties.

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