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Friday, March 9, 2012

Union teachers discuss pushing Marxism in elementary and high school classrooms #tcot

by Joel McDurmon on Mar 9, 2012

The video description explains: "Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teachers union leader (in the Tax the Rich shirt) and Megan Behrent a New York City teacher affiliated with the International Socialist Organization, explain how to push Marxism in the public school classroom."

The first half of the video is a bit difficult to hear as Knopp's voice is muted. She explains how a student-led strike in Puerto Rico was influenced because the students had been inspired by teachers went on strike before them. The students just mimicked their socialist teachers. Knopp comments,

What can you do to empower students to fight for justice [a Marxist code word]? Fighting for our own justice is one of the best things we can do to set an example.

(FYI: "Justice" normally means having things right by the rule of law. When used by conservatives it means private property and individual responsibility for your actions. When Marxists, Socialists, and other miscreants use the word, the redistribution of property by government coercion is built into it. By fighting for "justice," these types mean fighting to have government give them and theirs more of the money you earn.)
It gets better.


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