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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time for Another Look at the GOP Bench

November 19, 2011

By Chet Arthur

At the outset of the Civil War, President Lincoln said of the Union armies that "there are many single Regiments whose members possess full practical knowledge of all the arts and sciences, professions, and whatever else, whether useful or elegant, is known in the world; and there is scarcely one, from which there could not be selected a President, a Cabinet, a Congress, and perhaps a Court abundantly competent to administer the government itself."

He said this was true not only of the Union regiments, but also, amazingly, of the Confederate regiments.  What an awe-inspiring statement.  Can this high calling inspire us today?  I hope so.

I have expressed in these pages my hopes that Sen. Marco Rubio would consent to run for president.  He apparently has concluded [that he] cannot, must not.  In any other time, this would be commendable modesty, admirable restraint. But now, when so much is at stake, it is to be much regretted.

So we must search the regiments.  The rise and fall of various contenders in the GOP field prove how much the party grassroots wants someone who is not Romney.  This aversion is real and could prove fatal next November if the party bosses persist in giving us yet another nominee whom we do not want.  Charles Krauthammer, that brilliant mind, has never worked a precinct.  He says voter intensity doesn't matter.  All votes count the same in the voting booth.

True enough.  But voter intensity determines how many people and which ones ever enter those booths.  Voter intensity is what staffs phone banks, what propels people to get up before dawn and hold signs for their man (or woman) on a cold, wet November morning.  Napoleon understood this better than Krauthammer when he said the morale of an army is ten times as important as their supplies.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/11/time_for_another_look_at_the_gop_bench.html#ixzz1eGXUxCoq

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