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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How `bout that Rick Perry!

Aug. 14, 2011

Is anyone out there convinced that Rick Perry had a choice about where and when to announce his candidacy for the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary? Are we that naïve to believe that it was “unfortunate timing” that led Rick Perry into a position that conflicted with the results of the Iowa Straw Poll? If you paid attention to the Sunday morning political parade you may have noticed the show that was being produced for your consumption.

Every other word out of the mouths of the legacy press pundits was “RickPerry.” They were falling all over each other to confer Republican front-runner status on the guy who hasn't even warmed up a seat on the campaign bus yet. But they were not counting on the sterling performance of Michelle Bachmann in their grudging coverage of the Iowa events.

It is apparent to me that Governor Perry has been anointed by the editorial board of the New York Times as the Republican favorite from the Progressive Wing. He inherits this position from John McCain, recently defeated by Barack Obama, another favorite of that same editorial board. How else do you explain the elaborate display of Perry regalia broadcast on the Sunday morning shows, the erudition flowing from the non-Texans populating the panels, the litany of Perry accomplishments at their very fingertips, without a fully developed script from the New York Press elite? They had their assignments well in advance of Perry's “untimely” announcement on Saturday.

But, much to their dismay, the dialogue unfailingly turned to the presidential appearance of Michelle Bachmann in Iowa. As soon as they realized that they were unwittingly examining the race from the Bachmann perspective, someone would say, “... and how `bout that Rick Perry.” Then the conversation would ensue about how much closer to “middleclass American values” Perry was - compared to Bachmann!!

The ABC program, Meet the Press, made the tactical choice to include The Republican Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad on their panel. He looked like a distinguished, mild-mannered gentleman, but then proceeded to loudly dominate the discussion about the conservative theme that was closer to “mainstream” than the disastrous policies of Barack Obama. At every utterance he was singing Michelle Bachmann's theme song. But then you would hear, “... and how `bout that Rick Perry?”

So the order of the day from the New York-dominated press seems to push Rick Perry as the “Republican” choice. They really like Rick Perry. They have even fitted him for a tricorne hat in place of his usual Stetson. The press has dubbed him a “tea party favorite” while quoting his “unwaveringly conservative” views. They are quick to point out that Texas, under Governor Perry, has produced one-third of the new jobs created in the nation for the past three years. Imagine that!

Imagine this. Imagine that you had discretion about where to spend stimulus money to affect the number of jobs in one state or another. Imagine that you had a huge project like the North American Free-Trade Agreement and its Trans-Texas Corridor to sweeten the jobs picture. How much credit could you muster for the governor of that state when you want to make him look good in the New York press? Would it matter much that your incumbent president is losing popularity with the voters if you have another in the wings dressed up like a true cowboy/tea party hero?

Of course, you would have to minimize the damage that Perry has already done in the immigration debate. His opposition of the border barricade and his refusal to accept state responsibility in enforcement of existing immigration laws does not sit well with Texas' real tea parties. Neither do they cotton to his promotion of the globalist agenda on the North American Free Trade Agreement and his imperious actions to get the Trans-Texas Corridor built with foreign money (and under foreign ownership).

While he pandered to the “bring home the bacon” crowd, real conservatives see his connection to the big money in New York. There hasn't been this much “grooming” since Woodrow Wilson was packaged like a Constitutional patriot. Republicans seem content to allow these elite voices to pick their candidate, but Tea Party activists will be asking the hard questions during this campaign, and the RINOs should step back.

Jim McGovern
Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee
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