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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Next... The Constitutional Right to an iPod and Laptop

By Bobby Eberle March 8, 2011 7:13 am

Today we dive into the mind of a liberal. It's an exercise not for the faint of heart. You may think you are smart or experienced or savvy or (insert other intellectual adjective), but trying to understand how liberals think is a process that should be on a Mensa exam. Harder still is trying to figure out how liberals think their ideas could actually work. But those are just details, right?

If there's a problem, those on the left have a government program to "fix" it. Even if there's not a problem... even if there is a segment of society that's humming right along on its own... liberals want the government to have a piece of that too.

Fundamentally, the flaw in the logic of the left is that they want the "government" to pay for things. Here's where that Mensa certification comes in handy, because apparently they don't realize that when it comes to paying out funds, WE are the government. We are the ones footing the bill. If the government is PAYING someone, then they are TAKING money from someone else in order to do it.

Just listen to this speech from Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. proposes Constitutional amendments.

A constitutional right to a "decent" home? First, who defines what "decent" means? Of course, that's just a side note, the real issue is Jackson's apparent lack of understanding that Americans pay taxes in order for the government to do anything. He states that this would be great for home construction. Well, most times when a house is being built, those who are building it are being paid by the person who will own the home. But in this case, that "decent" home that the person can't afford will be paid for by the American taxpayer.

The list keeps going: health care, schools, laptops, iPods. Those are a whole bunch of new "rights" without a shred of responsibility attached to them. Rights without responsibility have led to the "gimme" culture that is crippling America.

That's our lesson for today. And here's your quiz.

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