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Friday, February 25, 2011

Brigitte Gabriel has the attention of Martin County patriots.

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Brigitte Gabriel, president of ACT! for America, Inc, addressed an enthusiastic (overflow) audience Thursday evening in Stuart, FL (at the First Baptist Church of Stuart). Her presentation addressed the topic of radical Islam and its design to create a Muslim state in the United States.  She also shared her insight on the current unrest in the Arab and Middle East states and its relevance to United States foreign policy.

Executive Director of ACT! for America, Guy Rogers, complemented Brigitte’s address with strategies to unite against this threat to our country and an appeal to support ACT!forAmerica.  The website for the organization is www.actforamerica.org.  Local contact for the Martin County chapter is Shona Darress.

This event was a success in every way for the Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee (imho).  The “house” was packed (over 600), with approximately 100 attendees spill-over into the Fellowship Hall, augmented with closed-circuit feed.  Pastor Darrell Orman seemed to be pleased with the turnout, and he provided a brilliant invocation and introduction.  The audience was enthusiastic and responded generously.  Tea Party volunteers were fantastic!! 

The Church had a detail of parishioners who provided the security (which was professional, discrete and very impressive), while our humble volunteer security contingent was happy to defer.  Other Church members served in the background to provide a comfortable and secure venue.

No unpleasant incidents were reported.

Best of all, Brigitte Gabriel and Guy Rogers expressed their satisfaction with the reception, with the facilities and with the response they received from the Treasure Coast audience.

Many thanks to the volunteers from M912TC, local members of ACT! for America and to the Pastor and his crew. 

The First Baptist Church of Stuart is to be congratulated for hosting a successful and historic event.

Jim McGovern

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