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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sustainable nightmare to plague Napa County

[Note - Jim Stack writes:

       I was surprised that an actual newspaper printed an article about what Agenda 21 and Sustainable development are really all about.  The article is below.  The article contains the admission of public officials about the Agenda 21 plans for their local community and the origins of Agenda 21.  The article also notes the growing resistance against Agenda 21 by the Tea Parties and lists links at the page bottom.  Click and read the comments and you will see that the word is getting out.  Pass this article to everyone including your elected officials and media contacts… 

Regards,  Jim Stack

This is the type of documentation that is needed to convince the doubters. ]

By Kevin Eggers Napa Valley Register | Posted: Sunday, July 11, 2010 12:00 am

Sustainable nightmare to plague Napa County

It’s been over three years since Napa County Supervisor Bill Dodd told me Agenda 21 was the plan for Napa County. Agenda 21 is the blueprint for implementing the United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development goals for “Economy, Equity and Environment.” These U.N. goals are in the Napa County General Plan. The U.N. continues to sell Agenda 21 as a sustainable utopian dream for Earth’s future, but Agenda 21 will be a sustainable nightmare for Napa County.

When I researched U.N. Agenda 21’s website and read related documents and articles in 2006, it was obvious the laws and regulations to meet Agenda 21’s international requirements were going to gradually smother our freedoms. Thinking I was doing the right thing, I hand-delivered Michael Shaw’s “Understanding Sustainable Development (Agenda 2l): A Guide for Public Officials” to Supervisor Dodd’s office in October 2006. Shaw was a member of the Agenda 21 bureaucracy in Santa Cruz, and described the scope of sustainable development in his guide. I was warning Dodd because we were already conversing about stopping Measure I. Dodd wasn’t in his office when I arrived, but Shaw’s guide was left on Dodd’s desk with a note from me. The next morning when Dodd called, I was shocked when he told me Agenda 21 was already the plan for Napa County. Until Dodd told me, I had no idea Agenda 21 existed in Napa County. Since then, I’ve done more research and learned from citizens exposing Agenda 21 in other communities.

I recently visited Niki Raapana, an expert on communitarianism, who has collected over 10,000 documents relating to communitarianism and Agenda 21. Communitarianism is the collectivist philosophy behind most of our government’s policies, including Agenda 21. While discussing how the health care bill passed, former president Bill Clinton said on ABC News that America is “more communitarian” than in 1994.

Communitarianism calls for “balancing the rights of the individual with the rights of the community.” Public officials decide what “community rights” are, which are really their goals. By convincing citizens, “we’re doing it for the community,” public officials believe they can balance away our constitutionally protected rights (through laws and regulations) to accomplish their goals. Raapana became aware of Communitarianism when Seattle officials were telling Raapana that America had “evolved” and her Fourth Amendment rights had been balanced against the rights of the community. Napa County’s General Plan also calls for balancing “the rights of the individual with those of the community.”

Agenda 21 is rarely called Agenda 21 and is usually called some kind of “community vision for the future” — they want citizens to believe their community plan was developed within their own community, not from U.N. guidelines. When Raapana confronted Seattle officials in 1999, she was labeled a “conspiracy theorist” for suggesting Seattle’s plan was U.N. Local Agenda 21. Originally denying it, now Seattle City Council member Margaret Pageler (who Raapana confronted in 1999) states on her website how Seattle’s plan “parallels Local Agenda 21.”

The Spokane Patriots (The Action-Driven Tea Party) discovered Agenda 21 in their city. The Spokane Patriots went through the legal process and are obtaining the necessary signatures to get U.N.-connected organizations (and U.N. directives) on the ballot in November, to vote them out. This hasn’t deterred Spokane’s City Council that voted June 28 to adopt “sustainable development” as Spokane’s goal for the future.

Rosa Koire, a Santa Rosa resident, is a Democrat whose partner Kay was president of the largest neighborhood association in Santa Rosa. Koire discovered firsthand how government-sponsored “neighborhood associations” are being used to “create the illusion of community buy-in.” According to Koire, “The government wants citizen buy-in, but they actually manage it by creating their own government-sponsored neighborhood associations and then manufacture consent.”

Raapana also discovered how neighborhood associations “rule the community by consensus.”

Do neighborhood associations influence Napa’s consensus? Are they connected to Agenda 21? According to the Village Napa website, Napa City council member Peter Mott helped form a coordinating committee called Association of Napa Neighborhoods, which is “to assist and mutually coordinate neighborhood associations.” Village Napa describes how to organize your neighborhood. Village Napa also boasts how Cuba is the only country to meet the “minimum standards” for “sustainable development” and how Cuba is a “model of sustainability for the rest of the world.”

What freedom do Cubans have in their “model of sustainability?” According to Wikipedia, Cuba is guided by the ideas of “ ... Marx, Engels and Lenin.” Cuba’s constitution describes the Communist Party of Cuba as the “leading force of society and the state.” Cuba has a “state-controlled planned economy.” Cuba’s government “represses nearly all forms of dissent” and systematically denies nearly every “basic right.” Are these the lofty goals of Napa County’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development plan?

(Eggers lives in Napa.)


Significant websites: Rosa Koire: www.santarosaneighborhoodcoalition.com; Niki Raapana: www.nord.twu.net/acl; Michael Shaw: www.freedomadvocates.org; and Spokane Patriots: www.spokanepatriots.com.


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Stop Common Purpose said...

Niki has done remarkable work exposing Agenda 21.

In the UK, Agenda 21 is being implemented by a fake charity - Common Purpose.

You Americans will, of course heard the phrase 'common purpose' on numerous occasions.

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