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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Amending The U.S. Constitution By STATE-Led Convention #tcot

Amending The U.S. Constitution by STATE-Led Convention

Indiana's Model Legislation


The authors of the Constitution included the state-led amendment option for a reason. It is on equal footing with the Congress-led amendment option and was meant to serve as a check on a runaway federal government. 


To this point in our nation’s history, all Constitutional amendments have been proposed by Congress. However, there is a widespread sense by millions of Americans that we are at a moment in the life of our nation unlike any we’ve experienced before. Many believe Washington is broken, with Congress either unable or unwilling to control and reform itselfregardless of which party is in power. States’ rights have been trampled almost to the point of extinction. This is exactly the environment that calls for the states to exercise their right under Article V to call an amendments convention.

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